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Wrecks in Thailand

July 23rd, 2007 | Posted by NK in Thailand | Wreck - (0 Comments)

ThaiWreckDiver hasnt got the most pretty site in the business, but the big list of dive  wrecks in Thailand is really sweet, and to be honest I suddenly realize the amout of wrecks waiting for me in Thailand. Even though its a bit overwhelming its also nice knowning so many great experiences are waiting out there for my next trip in August and a lot for future trips, too.
Its also very surprising to see the amount of wreck around Koh Tao – I didnt see much about wreck diving when I was at Koh Tao summer 2005,  so I’m wondering if its because they dont make trips there…
But I’m rather sure my August trip will mostly involve the wrecks around Pattaya – The Hardeep, The Petchburi Bremen and HTMS Khram