What we see in the blue


July 31st, 2007 | Posted by NK in Stuff - (0 Comments)

Yeah, what is SeaWalking? Let’s agree it’s certainy NOT diving! but some kind of idea that people who’s afraid of getting water on their face can walk with a big helmet on their head and being dragged along a line on a walk on the seabed… hopefully not on the reef!
I’m not sure I can really see the great idea in it compared to a snorkel and a mask – a lot more freedom to explore in that way, but from the pictures at SeaWalking Borneo it does look rather fun walking around with a 35 kg heavy helmet at a retail cost of 30000 USD… in that ligth 70 USD for 20-30 minutes is in fact rater cheap…
But it seems like people at YouTube likes it…