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A small sea snake outside Koh Samet?

August 28th, 2008 | Posted by NK in Thailand - (0 Comments)

I have already been writing about my dive outside Koh Samet (Thailand) back in April 2006 – a dive where we spottet at huge bluespottet stingray – the size of the stingray was a bit more than 1, 5 meter for the body….
On my second dive outside Koh Samet the divemaster Theep suddenly reacted and turned around to me holding something looking like a small sea snake…..  I did of course take some pictures of this little snake or?
But no, a bit of Googling and the mystery isnt that much of a mystery anymore – the small fellow is a Pipefish (Syngnathinae) who is part of a subfamily of small fishes, which in fact is in family with the seahorses.
The Pipefish does in fact look a bit like a straight-bodied seahorse with its tiny mouths, right?