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Diving at Mosede Strand in Denmark

November 19th, 2008 | Posted by NK in Denmark - (0 Comments)

Back in August 2008 I was on my first dive in Denmark ever and it was at beach dive at Mosede Strand 20 km south of Copenhagen.
The visibility was in fact better than I could hope for and I might even try diving in Denmark even though its not to compare to diving at Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt or Koh Tao in Egypt, but even so close to beach and boats we did see crabs and had a nice first dives for my cousins who joined me.

Entering the water at Mosede Strand

I did of course bring my Sony camera in the underwater pack with me, even though I didn’t really know what to expect from the dive, but I did manage to make some social pictures of my cousins and Irina and I did also come across 2 crabs.

First Crab in the water around Mosede Strand

And another Crab

I must admit that the dive was better than expected, but not really much – the water in Denmark just hasn’t got that great visibility and there isn’t that much of a marine life. But I have heard that wreck diving should be rather good in Denmark – the waters of Denmark should in fact be full of wrecks in all sizes and with many special stories behind.

My cousins doing their first dive

One of the best places to dive close to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt is the Straits of Tiran. The Straits of Tiran offers great water for rather deep drift dives but also some great water for snorkels if there isn’t to big waves.

The Straits of Tiran is known for both having manta rays, different kinds of sharks and whale sharks, but it highly depend of the season and some luck what you really end up seeing there.
On this August trip back in 2006 it wasn’t the big stuff that I saw.

Snorklers at Staits of Tiran

I still find the wreck position on the reef sort of beautiful and interesting – it looks cool, but the feeling of that big ship crashing into the reef does of course feel bad…  smashing so much of the reef… but it’s a great picture or?

Me coming up of the water after a nice drift dive at the Straits of Tiran

Thomas Szlavik holding on to a coral??!!!

May 15th, 2008 | Posted by NK in Stuff - (0 Comments)

Reading a Danish website the other day I saw an article about swimming and diving in China, which seems pretty cool, but what really caught my eyes was the author Thomas Szlavik in the picture telling that he’s holding on to a dead coral??!!
Thomas Szlavik holding on to a coral
(source: http://ekstrabladet.dk/ferie/article1006513.ece)

What the f*** is he thinking? nice of him going to China to bring back a nice article, but that doesnt mean he should ruin the corals by holding on to them – even dead corals are ‘no touching’!
Buoyancy training Mr. Thomas Szlavik, buayancy training Mr. Thomas Szlavik…….

Koh Chang on 8th March

March 6th, 2008 | Posted by NK in Thailand - (0 Comments)

So soon – Cant wait to arrive and start diving. And enjoy the beach, sun and seafood, just love it!

Merry Christmas and…

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Merry Christmas diving… 😉

Merry Christmas from Niels

Hello world!

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The dive blog ‘DiveBlogging’ is live now – enjoy!