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Bine, Mike and I in Dahab

July 10th, 2007 | Posted by NK in Egypt - (0 Comments)

Bine, Mike and I after diving The Canyon in Dahab, Egypt. Diving the Canyon Dahab

The Canyon is a very nice beach dive, where you keep your stuff in the shade close to the beach.
The visibility is great (20-30 meters) as many/most places in the Red Sea and the dive is really interesting. The entry to The Canyon is at around 18 meters depth where you can sort of drop into the canyon and the first exit point comes at 30 meters, with the last one down below 40 meters…
Most of The Canyon has some kind of roof with holes in it, so its sort of a mixture of a cave (with light in) and a traditional canyon (but you can only exit through the exit points) – this makes it interesting also in decending towards it where you can see the bubbles going up if anybody is already diving The Canyon.
I can really recommend The Canyon in Dahab – also because Dahab is such a nice and relaxed place.