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Fiding Nemo outside Koh Tao

November 19th, 2007 | Posted by NK in Thailand - (0 Comments)

O yes, we found Nemo…
Koh Tao also has its own couple of Clownfishes at the house reef Twins – or in fact just beside the house reef Twins. On every dive at the Twins the Divemasters has the habit of straying a little away from the pinnacles to a circle of stones around some anemones where the local pair of Clownfishes (also called Anemonefishes) are living. The circle of stones has been place there to protect the anemones and give the Clownfishes just a bit of privacy, so every diver is being told not to come closer to the anemones than the circle, but that doesn’t keep the Clownfished coming closer to us…  its really amazing as the clownfishes are coming around to greet us…   😉

Clownfish Nemo outside Koh Tao

Isnt this Clownfish cute?
Clownfish Nemo outside Koh Tao again