What we see in the blue

Diving with the guys at Coral Grand Divers has both its upside and downsides – the downside is definately that the leave too early for the morning dives (before 07.00), but the upside is the great service, then nice people and the fact that we are usually the first people at the divesite, which is GREAT at Chumphon Pinnacles, because the sharks hasnt been ’scared’ away. Diving at Chumphon Pinnacles on 18th August was no exception – the sharks was sort of waiting for us and our divemaster took us directly out to them – what a great sight seeing sharks at Chumphon Pinnacles – they were around 2 meters in size…
It seems like the trick is to go there early and you’ll see 8-10 sharks there… of course not too close up.. sharks isnt that nosy… 😉

Last time I was at Chumphon Pinnacles it seems like we came to late, but luckily Chumphon Pinnacles has more that just sharks to ‘offer’…

Shark at Chumphon Pinnacles

Another shark at Chumphon Pinnacles

Yes, they didnt come too close, but it was great and its not the last time I’m going to visit Koh Tao and Chumphon Pinnacles – Koh Tao is really a nice place to stay, which I’ll tell more about later.

Last diving day at Koh Tao

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And we saw sharks at Chumphon Pinnacles – it was sooo great – I’ll post some pictures later….