What we see in the blue

The Titan Triggerfishes around Koh Tao are would famous for being very agressive and being up to 75 cm’s its quite a big fish attacking with an incredible speed.
My divemaster from Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao, back in the summer 2005 had her own defence position sort of sitting in the water with her finns towards the Titan Triggerfishes whenever see saw one… yes, it seemed like she was rather worried about them… maybe because the Finnish divemaster also from Big Blue Diving got bitten in her nose some weeks ago and now has a nice little scar… but most people get away with no problems or a bit in their finns…
But on my last trip to Koh Tao in August 2007 the Divemaster from Grand Coral Divers showed me how to handle Titan Triggerfishes with success by blasting them with the air from the octopus… that was sooo coool! He just faced the Titan Triggerfish and waited for it to attack and then blasted it when it was near… it was really funny to watch how the Titan Triggerfish turned away and flead.. but just to attack again – and get blasted.. He really played with it for several minuts which were good entertainment for us and I took a couple of pictures…

Titan Triggerfish gets blasted with air from the octopus Titan Triggerfish

And it returns for some more… its incredible so aggressive they can be..Titan Triggerfish gets more air

Where to stay and dive at Koh Tao?

July 15th, 2007 | Posted by NK in Thailand - (0 Comments)

Koh Tao was such a great experience back in the summer 2005 – so nice, so beautiful, so relaxed, great water and I loved the diving there. For my next trip to Thailand in August I’m still not sure if its going to be Koh Tao, but chances are pretty big – Benjamin has never seen it and I loved it, but this time I might go by plane to Koh Samui and with boat from there..
Last time at Koh Tao I stayed and dived with the nice people at Big Blue Diving – question is should I (we – Benjamin and I) stay there again or maybe try some of the other dive places? Koh Tao is full of them…