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NK – Niels Klintø

happy-niels-klintoe-koh-samet_messenger-clip.jpgNiels Klintø

I have been diving whenever possible since I took my PADI OW at Koh Lanta, Thailand, back in the fall 2002 – it hasnt been enough and might never be… but I love it everytime and usually I bring my camera along. I will try to post as many pictures as possible over time here..

I have been diving:
• Koh Lanta, Thailand
• Koh Tao, Thailand
• Koh Chang, Thailand
• Koh Samet, Thailand
• Sharm el Sheik, Egypt
• Dahab, Egypt
• And had a great time snorkling with Sharks and Stingrays at Key Caulker, Belize

Next dives:
• Thailand in August 2007
Plans for now are wreck diving around Pattaya and liveaboard to The Similan Islands leaving from Khao Lak – and maybe a short trip to Koh Tao… let’s see..
DONE – took a lot of pictures which I’ll publish here over the next months… it was a great trip which included Koh Tao and wreck diving around Pattaya, but no Similan Island because of the weather situation….

. Thailand in March 20o8

Will be diving some more around Koh Chang.

Done – Pictures and stories from the Koh Chang trip to be published…

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