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Now diving with Canon IXUS 110IS and Waterproof Case WP-DC32

December 22nd, 2009 | Posted by NK in Cambodia | Stuff

Before the wedding in end September and the Honeymoon/divetrip to Cambodia I thought it was about time to upgrade my photo equipment a bit. Since 2003 I have been ok with my Sony DSC and waterproof case, but I must admit it was rather slow and getting too old, but all the fuss about also needing to get a new waterproof case had made me wait…  now was the time.
I still prefer a small compact camera because I like to be able to carry it with me in a pocket – I’m not a pro with a huge camera and I do know I will never bring a huge camera with me around…  so my choice was to switch to Canon and the newest compact at that time – the Canon IXUS 110IS and the Waterproof Case WP-DC32.

One of the first underwater photo’s I took with the new equipment was this rather big Sea Star / Starfish I found in the water outside the island Koh Rung Samloem, Cambodia –more about that trip later…
A Sea Star / Starfish found outside Koh Rung Samloem, Cambodia

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  • Dan says:

    Thank you Niels

    Will you soon show us more of your pictures from Cambodia?

  • I just got a new camera + underwater casing. I went with the Panasonic ZS3. So far I’m happy with it although taking a sharp picture underwater is pretty hard. I think you really need a strobe so I’ll be looking into strobe options next. Good luck with your photos!

  • admin says:

    You are right – taking good and sharp pictures underwater is pretty hard, in fact taking just decent pictures underward is pretty hard…

    I do consider adding a external flash to the setup… might happen in the future..


  • Hank says:

    Don’t worry Niels, I think the Starfish looks really cool. No need for a flash there.

  • Will says:

    Beautiful Picture Niels! Yeah taking good shots underwater (especially of the sea bed) is hard but you seemed to have pulled it off! Never been diving in Cambodia, which is really bad as I live in Thailand! Where do you suggest other than Koh Rung Samloem?

    Kind Regards,

  • admin says:

    Thanx Will!

    Unfortunately I also haven’t been diving in Cambodia – just wasn’t there at the right time.. the diveshops guess that I just needed maybe 14 days extra and the diving conditions would have been fine… damn…

    Diving from Sihanoukville offers more than “just” Koh Rong Saloem – they also have dive sites around the islands Koh Kon and Koh Tang.


  • Sham says:


    I just bought a canon 110is with the wp-dc32 housing. can you share more photos u took on your diving trips with the canon 110is. would like to see how the photos turn out.

    will be going for my OW license in tioman soon. That’s y i bought the cam.


  • admin says:


    I think you’ll be happy with your Canon 110is and the WP-DC32 underwater housing – it worked very well for me…

    Sure, I will upload another blog post with pictures within the next couple of days – probably something from my diving at Koh Chang, Thailand.


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