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Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver course in June

May 16th, 2009 | Posted by NK in Denmark

In June I’ll be back at the PADI-School-bench again doing first the Emergency First Response course and then just 2 days later the Rescue Diver course. And its going to be in the good cold Danish water around Køge – a little south of Copenhagen.

I’m looking very much forward to go diving again – even though its not “just” fun diving…  and especially the Rescue Diver course sound tough and really interesting with the focus on how to prevent problems and how to manage them if they do occur.

PADI describes the content as:

  • Self rescue
  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Rescuing panicked divers
  • Rescuing unresponsive divers

And after taking the Rescue Diver course there’s further posibilites for education – maybe Divemaster in the future…  but let’s see..  on thing at the time..

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