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White eyed Moray Eel

February 8th, 2009 | Posted by NK in Egypt

I have seen quite some Moray Eels while diving and I always enjoy it – of course they are not beautiful like Turtles, Dolphins and Stringrays, but there is a bit of danger about them…  just like diving with Sharks and Barracudas.
But even though some people describe Moray Eels like Vicious and evil, they are in fact more shy and they only attack people in self defense. And I have never been attacted by a Moray Eel….
And no, its not true either that their bite is poisonous, but their backwards pointing teeth are full of bacterias, so they can make a nasty wound.

And because they are shy when it comes to humans I usually see them hiding in their small caves.

White eyed Moray Eel hiding in the cave

And another picture of the hiding Moray Eel with white eyes

I have most of the time only spottet Moray Eels when they were hiding in their caves, but sometimes I have been so lucky seeing them swimming… and they do in fact have a rather fat body, not really what you would guess from when they just look out from their cave.

A fat Moray Eel swimming by

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