What we see in the blue

Table Coral outside Koh Tao

December 17th, 2007 | Posted by NK in Thailand

One of the corals I like the most is the Table Coral – especially when you hover above it or when you can see it from below as on my picture…

Table Coral

And another Table Coral outside Koh Tao

Table Coral outside Koh Tao

When you see all the fishes around the corals you really understand how important the coral are for the sea life.
I just hope more people would take care of the these beautiful and usefull corals and not walk on them as some people do just outside the beaches at Sharm el Sheik (Egypt). In Thailand I didnt experience any kind of problems like that, but the behavior of non-divers at Sharm el Sheik is unfortunately very bad and not taken care of by the autorities… a sign is not enough…

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