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Wreck diving in Thailand?

July 7th, 2007 | Posted by NK in Thailand | Wishlist | Wreck

Yesterday Chris was so nice to remember me (in a comment) that Thailand also could be wreck diving. Chris told me that the wreck Hardeep (Thai original name Suthathip) around Pattaya was one of the best and with a quick Googleling (damn, they won’t like me for writing that..  ) I also came across the wreck of The Petchburi Bremen, HTMS Khram and Vertical Wreck (Pak 1), so there should be enough for a stop around Pattaya…..

Hardeep (Suthathip) were a Thai Cargo ship bombed by a French Aircraft during World War II – So in fact a ship sunked in an act of war, which I personally find more interesting that a wreck sunk for the sake of marine life or diving ect… The wreck is at around 26 meters, which also makes it a dive without the need for Nitrox.. maybe I should take my Nitrox course now?

HTMS Khram (a former US warship USS LSM-469) is a decommissioned warship, which where ‘dumped’ near Koh Phi and Koh Larn islands close to Pattaya to turn it into a breeding ground for marine life. The HTMS Khram wreck is lying on the side rather flat in a depth between 15 to 3o meters – could be interesting…

The Vertical Wreck (Pak 1) is unfortunately not a wreck positoned vertical in the water anymore, which was the most interesting factor (as fare as I have read) and what made a lot of divers come around to dive it – The Thai autorities decided in the beginning of 2002 that the wreck drifting around was a hazard to the all other ships in the area, so at 6th of March 2002 the Royal Thai Navy sank the ship making it a more ‘normal’ wreck even though a dept of 42 meter makes it a rather deep dive… I’m not sure we’ll chose the Vertical Wreck (Pak 1) for a dive…

The Petchburi Bremen is an 88 meter long Thai cargo ship – back from December 1920, where she went down with her cargo of rice. The Petchbury Bremen is at the dept of 15-22 meters of water.. also very interesting…

It really seems like the Pattaya areas should be on our list – I have in fact never been (stoped) there before, but just ‘raced’ by on my way to Koh Samet and Koh Chang, but with these nice wrecks it seems like 2-3 days could be interesting…

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